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Payment and Ticket delivery Options

There are two payment options for your ticket.


If you choose the "I want to Buy now - Pay Later" option, payment for your ticket has to be made at the local FlyCAA airlines city ticket office.

If you wish to make payment by credit card then click on the "I want to Pay with credit card" option, your credit card will be charged automatically at the time of internet booking, and an electronic ticket will be issued instantly.

In Case of bookings done with Credit Card, while travelling;

1) Customers MUST have the credit card that they used to purchase their tickets when checking into their flight,


2) If the cardholder is not present/or traveling then the person traveling will need to have a signed photocopy of both sides of the credit card that was used to pay for the flight. The signature on the photocopy must be the original signature that matches that on the back of the card.

3) The person traveling MUST also have a copy of the passport of the cardholder bearing the same signatures as in clause 2) above.

4) An authorization letter: the person(s) travelling MUST have an ink written (NOT TYPED)

Authorization Letter from the owner of the card. The letter MUST have the express approval from the owner to purchase the ticket, it MUST mention origin & destination of the travel, amount charged and full contacts of the credit card owner.


Failure to provide proof of the credit card used for transaction will result in denied boarding for your flight.  If not the card owner, failure to satisfy conditions 2,3, & 4 will also result in denied boarding.